Margo Price + Third Man Records = !!!!!!!

My dear, gorgeous friend, Margo Price, made an amazing record this past year with her band, The Price Tags. She and her husband Jeremy funded the recording themselves by selling a bunch of their stuff in pure starving artist form. The album was done mostly at the famous Sun Studio in Memphis, TN, where pretty much all the greats made some of the most iconic recordings in history. 

I am ecstatic to have written a string arrangement for the song "Hands of Time", and created an new arrangement alongside my string buds Eleonore Denig and Kristin Weber for "How The Mighty Have Fallen". I can't wait for everyone everywhere to get their hands on this record. It's really something special. Third Man Records plans to release "Midwest Farmer's Daughter" in March 2016.

Photo by Danielle Holbert.